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Affinity at your fingertips

Keyboard shortcut stickers to help you design with speed and confidence

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For illustrators, UI/UX designers, and graphic designers —
beginners and creative professionals alike.

Mastering creative software can take months —
but it doesn't have to.

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What types of keyboards are they for?

Any keyboard with a key size of at least 14x14 mm or 0.55x0.55", for example:

MacBook Pro keyboard and other full-size keyboards

MacBook Pro / Air
+ other keyboards

Apple Numeric Keyboard and Apple Magic Keyboard with numeric keypad

Apple (Numeric)
Magic Keyboard


Wired Apple Numeric Keyboard with numeric keypad

Apple Numeric Keyboard


 Apple Wireless Keyboard

Apple Wireless Keyboard


A convenient and colorful addition to your workspace.

The story behind the stickers

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