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About Arkeytekt

“The name Arkeytekt is a combination of the words ‘key’ and ‘arkitekt’ (Swedish for architect).”

👋 Hi there, I'm Julie. I have a background in architecture and urban planning, but recently I found myself designing something in a much smaller scale: keyboard shortcut stickers. I got blown away by Affinity Designer and have been using it daily ever since I got the hang of it. However, if you're like me, you have the first-hand experience of just how cumbersome switching design software can be.

I want to offer other creatives user-friendliness and lightheartedness in the shape of colorful keys. Why? So that they too can get the most out of the powerful Affinity apps. Without spoiling the fun of typing - because after all, that is what keyboards are for.

Everything started in 2020 when I switched from Adobe to Affinity. After dabbling in Affinity Designer for a while, I felt like I was ready to go! Yeah, ... no. The workspace seemed familiar right away, but everything that would take a few minutes in Photoshop, Illustrator, or InDesign was now a matter of hours. And lots of googling.

What could ease the transition and make it a bit less daunting?

Keyboard shortcuts. With great anticipation I was going to treat myself to color-coded keyboard shortcut stickers — only to find out that there were none. So I designed my own, in Affinity Designer. Believe me when I say “It took a while”. After the layout and color combinations finally felt right, I ordered and tested different materials and coatings for the keyboard stickers. Once finished, they turned out better than I expected. So why not share them with the rest of the world?

The keyboard shortcut stickers are printed in and posted from Sweden where I live.

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