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Color-coded shortcuts stickers for Affinity Designer on Apple Magic keyboard with British english keyboard layout
Affinity Suite Shortcut Stickers
Color-coded shortcuts stickers for Affinity Designer on Apple Magic keyboard with British english keyboard layout
Arkeytekt hotkey stickers for Affinity Photo are compatible with black and white keyboard keys for macOS, Windows and iPadOS
Affinity Suite Shortcut Stickers
German Silver Apple Numeric Magic Keyboard with Affinity Suite Shortcuts
Affinity Suite Shortcut Stickers
Affinity Suite Shortcut Stickers
Typing on colorful keyboard shortcuts in Affinity Publisher
Tastenkombinationen zur Fotobearbeitung in Serif Affinity auf farbkodierten Aufklebern

Affinity Suite Shortcut Stickers

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Key Features

  • For macOS, Windows and iPadOS
  • 100+ key combos on 40+ stickers
  • including black and white keys
  • Unaltered typing feel

Affinity's full range of features and powerful tools is just waiting to be discovered. But finding your way around as a beginner is not that straightforward. Arkeytekt keyboard shortcut stickers were created to make your life easier.

Keyboard shortcuts are nifty. They increase your productivity and simply get the job done faster. These tiny, sticky helpers will save you uncountable mouse clicks and make you that much more efficient. No degree in graphic design required.

The keyboard shortcut stickers get you 100+ tools and commands closer to mastering the Affinity suite. Tool categories are divided up into colored areas which make them easier to identify and faster to navigate. You'll be shaking those digits in Affinity Designer, Photo and Publisher in no time.

Now you can focus on your artboard instead of digging through menus. Let your imagination soar!

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More Info

Compatible with the following apps / personas

Affinity Designer
• Designer Persona: 62 commands, 19 tools
• Pixel Persona: 62 commands, 15 tools

    Affinity Publisher
    • Publisher Persona: 61 commands, 14 tools

      Affinity Photo
      • Photo Persona: 64 commands, 32 tools
      Liquify and Develop Persona tools are not included on the stickers for space reasons.

      The stickers correspond to the default Serif ↗︎ keyboard shortcuts and work depending on whether or not the functions are available in the specific application or persona.

      Compatible with the following keyboards
      • Keyboards with a key size of at least 14x14 mm or 0.55x0.55 in
      • Apple Magic Keyboard (2016+)
      • Apple Numeric Magic Keyboard (2016+)
      • Apple Numeric Keyboard (2007-2016)
      • Apple Wireless Keyboard (2008-2015)
      • MacBook Pro / Air

      Arkeytekt shortcut stickers are durable, high quality, PVC free vinyl stickers with a matte and smooth finish. Easy to apply and remove - without leaving any residue.


      Are the stickers useful even if I only use one single Affinity app?
      ✓ Affinity Designer
      ✓ Affinity Publisher
       − Affinity Photo*
      * Liquify and Develop Persona tools are not included on the stickers

      Do the stickers work with a backlit keyboard?
      The stickers will - but the backlight won't. The durable material and particular design of the decals stops the keyboard's backlight from passing through.

      Can I use the keyboard shortcut stickers with an iPad?
      Absolutely, just get yourself a keyboard. Serifs default keyboard shortcuts on the iPad differ from the desktop version, but can be customized. Please note: Serif ↗︎ currently offers only a limited number of keyboard shortcuts for iPadOS.

      Will the stickers damage my keyboard or laptop screen?
      No. The stickers underwent a one-year wear test on a MacBook, after which neither the screen nor the keyboard were showing any signs of wear.

      Still curious?
      Check out the complete FAQ for further questions and answers.



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